The founding members of the AMEHS - Afro Middle East Hernia Society will come from Africa, the Middle East and Arab Countries. They will be responsible for researching and studying every type of pathology relating to the abdominal wall and must in some way direct the attention of their fellow surgeons to this common interest.

The AMEHS will effectively collaborate with the other international societies by bringing their experience and by actively taking part in everything that relates to this surgical pathology.

In addition to having the support of the European Hernia Society (EHS) and the Asia Pacific Hernia Society (APHS), the AMEHS will also closely collaborate with the Advanced International Mini-invasive Surgery Academy (AIMS), an important training centre in Milan (Italy), for organising courses in Italy and locally

The society will immediately ask the support of Hernia, the specialist journal published by Springer, which disseminates professional research and studies on this specific pathology worldwide.

The Association will have a Board of Directors. Each country in Africa and in the Middle East will have a President who will participate in the extended Boards of Directors.